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Home to more than two million inhabitants, the spectacular city of Paris stand on the northern side of France. Split into two regions by the wide and attractive River Seine, which meanders through much of the city, Paris features a large number of distinct neighbourhoods and areas.

Paris Orientation: Layout and Directions

Situated to the north of the River Seine is the city's 'right bank', where many of the most noteworthy landmarks and structures in Paris can be found, including both the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Élysées. Known for its historic buildings and character, the La Place de la Concorde stands at one end of the Champs Élysées and is a lively part of Paris.

To the east, the Centre George Pompidou and the Louvre Art Gallery are two particularly popular places to visit in Paris, while the striking Notre Dame cathedral stands on a small island in central Paris and is known around the world for its magnificent architecture.

On the southern side of the River Seine, the 'left bank' is home to the breathtaking iconic Eiffel Tower, with the Latin Quarter of Paris being located nearby and full of coffee shops, bars and eateries. The MontMatre area of Paris, home to the distinctive Sacre Coer Basilica, standing to the northeast of central Paris, close to the acclaimed Moulin Rouge.

Orientation and Map of France

Orientation and Map of Paris

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